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Join the thousands of wedding boutiques around the world who have learned how to speak bride, grow their business, close more sales, and build their brand.

Online Stylist Training - Basic, Advanced, and Master Level.  Owner and Manager Classes. Live Workshops. Digital Marketing Training. Interactive Q&A.

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OneStream has been designed to make stylist training easy, affordable, and efficient. Jump in with our Signature Video Series and learn to speak bride, but that's just the beginning. On OneStream, you will find advanced and situational training for stylist as well as training for your business like hiring, compensation, social media, and more. Our new weekly content will have owners, managers and stylists continually motivated to hone their skills and increase sales.

"Thank you for your inspirational videos. When I first heard you say "virtual appointment" I sat there shaking my head "no." By the end of the video, you had me convinced! We are at a 100% close rate for all virtual appointments!"

Sarah, Bend Oregon

"Wendy... THIS!!!!! This is so amazing. and honest. and so so true!!! I was on my way to a bridal show and listened to it TWICE!"

"I've listened to another training before and while it was good, I had a very hard time relating to how that person approached selling. Wendy teaches you how to connect as a Shop and as a stylist - giving you all the tools to create a life moment experience for your bride. It's really been great for our team!! The live videos always come at the right time - like she knows the issues we are having!!"

Take a deep dive into...


Learn from the best in the industry about how to increase your profit from the products you already have AND how to add the right new products to boost your bottom line.


Training specifically for owners, managers, and employees focused on selling, communicating with customers, and creating an experience within your store. 


Because social media is always evolving, OneStream will keep you informed and ahead-of-the-curve so your business is consistently adapting and adopting best practices to win brides and build your business.


Get practical information like a 90 day marketing calendar, how to run successful in-store events, increasing your audience, and more!


Learn the 90 Day Rule, how to price for profit and sales, and how to evaluate your suppliers.  Also, learn our process of creating Private Label collections to add margin and build your bottom line.


Without the ability to effectively exchange ideas, we can’t succeed. Learn all things SEO and how to build effective email funnels that communicate your message to your audience in smart and powerful ways.


Stronger teams build stronger businesses. It doesn't have to be all on your shoulders. Learn leadership skills that will build up the people around you and turn your team into the engine that moves your business forward.


If you know DYSB, you know we LOVE events!  Find out ways to create excitement and buy-in from your customers through successful events!

OneStream is the single most powerful tool you can use to consistently help drive your bridal business forward in every major area.


In-person experiences have been the heartbeat of Do You Speak Bride.  We host workshops around the world from the US to the UK.  Your business can benefit from every moment you spend using our vast and valuable online training platform - OneStream!

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